Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank You

I've been asked to play with our New Blog Page and RSS Feed via our Country News Page.
First I'd like to welcome you to the A1-Country Radio Network. In our everyday operation I find that sometimes I just don't get to say it enough...Thank You!!
So I have decided to test our feeds and post with a Thank You letter to all of the folks that have help make this Radio Network the success that it is.

First, The day to day folks: Our Network Production Genius and Assistant Program Director, Mr. Trevor Alan who came on board about a year and a half ago. Trevor is amazing and a huge part to our day to day operations. Then Ashley Marie, She has a ton of duties...too many to put here. Ashley came on board shortly after Trevor. These folks were a big part in the production of our former morning show. They knew little about radio, however as they ventured in day after day and quickly learned the operations of the network, They are no doubt a huge asset. Thank You!
Second, It's folks like Darryl Langley at Audio Tracks Broadcasting who work hard with the Prime Country USA family of shows. Darryl recently promoted himself to host of the Prime Country USA Hot Country Countdown following former host John Stevens. Suzanne Jalot the host for Prime Country USA. Both of these shows air every Sunday on Lightning Country Radio. Without them we'd have no weekly countdown or Prime Country USA. I carry Prime Country USA with Suzanne Jalot because like Darryl once said, "Suzanne is one of the best in the business" Her talent is one in a million and what has made Prime Country USA a huge success with our listeners. To the both I say Thank You!

I could go on and on with the folks that help make this network a success. Remember that this is just me playing around to satisfy our awesome Web Team. I'm sure i'll have plenty to say about each and every person in the future, However let's wrap this up for now.
Here are just a few more who play a big part in the network.
Buck McCoy, Debbie Fee, Larry Weir, Keith Michaels, Steve Southard, Tammy Swanson, Pastor Paul Southerland, Josh Hayes Johnny Stone, Steve Warren and who could forget the voice of Lightning Country and Country Legends, Mr. Chris Birmingham.
I'm sure I have missed many others, however, Thank You.
I couldn't do it without you.

Mark Evans
Station Manager / PD 

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