Monday, May 13, 2013

Dixie Chicks Dropped From Network Rotation (Again) Will Never, Ever Return

After years and giving the Dixie Chicks the benefit of doubt, Station Program Director, Mark Evans again has pulled all music from the group formally known as the Dixie Chicks.
Today former lead singer Natalie Maines appeared on CBS This Morning, making comments about not really liking Country Music "because it hurts my ears" prompted the A1-Country Radio Network to once again pull all music out of rotation.
Evans stated that "givin a second chance, she blew it" "she doesn't even deserve to be an artist for any genre after making her comments on national tv this morning"
"I hope her single and album become a flop, she's proved once again to be a loud mouth" "She must have forgot without Country Music, she'd not be where she is today" "Hate to say it, I wish her nothing but bad luck"
The music was pulled from Country Legends and from the oldies which play on Lightning Country, both part of the A1-Country Radio Network.

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